“There’s a nearly irresistible energy at Stargate School of Design & Animation that brings people and ideas together—from the classroom to the campus and beyond.”

Studying at Stargate will change your life, and open you up to a world of new mentorships, friendships and opportunities. From your daily experiences in the classroom, to school events and fun activities, the year you spend with us is one of both serious work and play as a creative person. Though you come here to focus in your particular area of study, you have many opportunities to collaborate and learn from students & professionals in other departments and disciplines, making your experience unique, diverse and well-rounded.

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If you’re looking for skills that will make you a valuable prospect in the wokforce, you’ve come to the right place.

Animation is an art despite the extensive use of technical products. It needs open spaces without intrusions like cars and shops where one can sit quietly and let the creative juices flow. In Hyderabad, there is only one such place. SVK with Stargate School of Design & Animation therein. Within the city, yet not within the city! No high-rises, no cars….nothing but the soothing sound of silence and the wind blowing in your face! Your dream animation college should be a one which boost your creative talent.
What is life without games and activities! For the serious students of animation colleges in India, studies can be taxing. What better way to relax than play games and that too serious outdoor activities! A ground does not always mean cricket. You can just walk around or jog or simply amble and spend time. And for the seriously physical kinds, there is the more to sweat it out so that you muscle your way into animation!
Gossip, exchange ideas, curse the faculty and generally have a ball! A young crowd is a rest-less crowd which gets its share of rest only when they exchange thoughts over umpteen cups of chai…..and samosas! And it is in these sessions in animation institutes in India that you find friends, partners….and rivals! People go their way from here but the remembrances never leave you and especially of the canteen.